We’ve finally got some stuff happening again……..

I don’t know what happened! Everything just ground to a friggin’ halt! Dead stop! Well now we have 12 more tracks getting mixed over at K-Rasta studios. This may eventuate […]

New track available online

A few weeks ago we did a show at the Port Office Hotel in Brisbane. It was alright. However, we did get to play with Aled Humphrys who is a […]

First Show at Port Office Hotel pretty good

The first show we played at the Port Office Hotel was a ‘success by serendipity’. Linus turned up with a full drum kit ‘cos he’d decided that this was the […]

The residency at the Port Office Hotel means Luke gets to play guitar more

So it transpires that the new batch of shows we’re scheduled for at the Port Office Hotel means I (Luke) have to come up with a lot more music in […]

Scored a residency at the Port Office Hotel, Brisbane for Friday nights.

That’s pretty good news I reckon. It’s a pretty smick establishment so we’ll have a laugh playing there and we should enjoy a progressive audience given the location and the […]

Did some photos to put faces to the voices

So we went out on Saturday 12th October and took some snaps around Stones Corner, where we’ve all hung out quite extensively at some point or other. We thought we’d […]

K-Rasta Studio is Wicked!

Spent the day mastering with Khesrow Rasta and Caddy Cee over at K-Rasta Studios in Nudgee. What a team! Knowledgable and able with serious gear. And they are very fun […]

Caffeine-free living is delivering some strange results…….

So it’s been 5 weeks since I had any caffeine: Feeling really healthy, training hard, both Martial Arts and Surfing are improving massively. But there seems to be a creative […]

Happenings in the Studio Over the Weekend

First weekend of October: I got an industrial Dub/ Breakbeat thing finished to the point where it’s ready for vocal flavours, then I’ll do the proper arrangement and send it […]

List of toys

Luke’s toys: Bass: ‘Hef’: 2007 Musicman Stingray 5 string bass with the frets ripped out: Tuned B,E,A,D,G; One piece maple neck with an Ash body: Strung with the heaviest nickel […]