Happenings in the Studio Over the Weekend

First weekend of October:

I got an industrial Dub/ Breakbeat thing finished to the point where it’s ready for vocal flavours, then I’ll do the proper arrangement and send it through to the rest of the team. I expect we’ll get some vocal takes next week some time. We’ll probably go with vocal textures (Kayla) rather than a linear narrative as such. The working title for this track is ‘Smog Monster’. It is big.

I got to the same point with another track which is pretty tech-house with a big trancey break in the middle. The working title for this track is ‘Sudden Bolt of Clarity’. I’m hoping to get both Kayla and Jonny to drive this track. At the moment it’s a bit disjointed but I’m pretty sure a strong vocal narrative will hold it together nicely. The two voices should work well together as well.