The sick brain behind a lot of the organizing and the second stage in the sound-crafting process.
Kayla S
What a voice! What a personality! There’s nothing to say other than ‘watch the video, listen to the sounds’. This Lady is the real deal.
Jonny Ruddy
A thoughtful surfer who’s been around the world a few times playing his own brand of soulful spirit music.
Luke C. Gregory
Luke writes, arranges and pre-produces all the tracks. His main instrument is 5 string fretless bass but he plays passable guitar and drums also: Luke plays all the instruments on the tracks unless a guest contributor is pulled in: Doesn’t ever use loops. He’s been a session player at times: All styles catered for but mostly gets called on to play Disco, Jazz-funk, Funk, Soul, Dub, Reggae, Dance-floor, Industrial. Luke is a big fan of 60's and early 70's Dub, ‘60’s Hard-Bop, all things Dub, Punk, Industrial, Tribal, Spaceships. Did we mention Dub?
Linus Monsour
Groove incarnate. Drums and percussion.