K-Rasta Studio is Wicked!

Spent the day mastering with Khesrow Rasta and Caddy Cee over at K-Rasta Studios in Nudgee. What a team! Knowledgable and able with serious gear. And they are very fun to hang out with whilst they’re working. Normally I spend as little time as possible hanging around studios whilst the engineers and Master-er-er-er-ers do their thing, but yesterday I had the foresight to take Hef with me so I got in about 3 hours of practice whilst the chaps weaved their arcane magic. We’re really please with the end result. Yesterday we knocked over the following Mastered mixes ready for release this weekend:

‘Slinky’ (Radio edit)

‘Slinky’ (Dance-floor mix: Desperate House-Wives mix)

‘Sweet Curves’

‘Soul Power’ (Radio Edit)

‘Soul Power’ (Jazzy Droid Dance floor mix)

I am told two mixes of ‘Flying Free’ will be finished today.

We wrapped up at about 01:30 ‘cos the boys had been up ’till 03:00 the following morning mixing some bad-ass trance which you will be hearing on the radio today I’m told. No flys on this team.

The Boys at 'K-Rasta' Studios: 02:00. Wizards.

The Boys at ‘K-Rasta’ Studios: 02:00. Wizards.