It’s about the Groove.


First goal:

Tunes that pump.

Second Goal:

Create things for people to share. Work with other people to do that.

Third Goal:

Make stuff together.

This is about art and creativity in a global community: You and us together, building new things from scratch, and new things from old things. Let’s make stuff, face-to-face or in cyber-space.

We strongly believe in the power of re-interpretation.

We want to share our vision with you so you can add your personal expression to our initial idea.

All Jazzy Droid stems are available for free download for you to remix, then we’ll release and promote our favourite remixes with our next cycle of releases.

Jazzy Droid is committed to releasing a new EP every 3 months. Gigging cycles follow this schedule.

You can join in the live show.

Let’s get out there and play some shows together. It’ll be a wicked party where we create new mixes in real time, on stage. Perfection!

We can work to promote your material and build a live show around it also.