The residency at the Port Office Hotel means Luke gets to play guitar more

Working on 'Sudden Bolt..."

Working on ‘Sudden Bolt…”

So it transpires that the new batch of shows we’re scheduled for at the Port Office Hotel means I (Luke) have to come up with a lot more music in a short time. Luckily the new show requires a bit of ‘Lounge’. No problem, bring out the guitar. Here’s a snap of Luke and Kayla working through a new tune which will be debuting 1st November. See the guitar in the background? This week I’ll re-string it with round-wound strings because she’s currently rocking flat-wounds for that jazzy sound which I don’t think will fit in with the required vibe for ‘Porto’ shows. The current working title of the song we’re working on is ‘Sudden Bolt of Clarity’ but we’ve no idea what’ll it’ll end up being called. This track’ll be finished before the end of the week. We should have 5 new tracks for the first show at the Port Office.